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Revamp360 utilizes the platform to transform up and coming companies with antiquated systems and processes to competitive, efficient and modern brands through the use of cloud technology.   Our firm specializes in all aspects of CRM development and implementation, from the seed of an idea to the final deployment.  No matter the industry you serve, we will not only help you determine the best technology solution for where you are now, but we’ll be there to assist where ever your growth takes you. 

We truly believe that there is distinct connection between employee satisfaction and customer experience. Thus, we take a keen interest in truly understanding your goals and needs as a business, while focusing on how those needs directly impact the customers you serve.  Through the use of industry best practices, a proven project methodology, and deep product knowledge we deliver robust and scalable solutions that improves your employees ability to service the customer quickly and efficiently.

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Lead Generation & Sales Automation

Sales force automation is essentially a set of processes that optimize the output of your sales staff. This involves optimizing the funnel conversion at every stage and freeing up sales staff from time-consuming and often repetitive tasks. Jobs such as lead generation,  lead nurturing, email communication, invoicing, and payment processing can all be automated – saving potentially thousands of hours while adding to your bottom line.

Account, Customer & Vendor Management

 The relationships that you cultivate with your customers and vendor will determine your company’s level of success. And, as with any important relationship, it’s level of success will depend heavily upon how well you know one another. Keep accurate and accessible records of customer transactions, preferences, needs, and concerns and build a relationship that profits both parties.

Call Center / Customer Service Operations

Significantly reduce human labor and deliver exceptional customer service by implementing modern service processes and help-desk software.  Get access to automation tools such as intelligent service ticket routing, online chat, phone system integration and self service knowledge base all of which lower labor costs, while improving customer satisfaction and servicing speed.

Field Service Management                   

Scheduling and dispatching efficiently has been one of the most operationally complex tasks for small businesses. Tasks like figuring out the best technician to service a customer based on a combination of expertise, location, and availability has caused a significant amount of overhead. Deliver exceptional customer service by having real-time service data and reacting quickly to customer needs.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platforms empowers your brand by allowing you to be more efficient. Use technology to scale your marketing programs in a sustainable way. Encompasses all distribution channels, and deliver the right marketing content to the proper segment of customers, at the right time using custom customer journeys and a robust engagement platform.                                                   

Customer self service & Web Experience

Customers are growing increasingly tech-savvy, and expect their favorite customers and brands to embrace technology as well, especially when it comes to customer service. Provide your customer self-service options through your web and digital properties.  Unleash your full potential by offering online purchasing, web forms for customer service, and even chat!.


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